Luxury & Exotics


BOSS Exotics is the premiere exotic and luxury car leasing   and rental company in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Founded in 2014, we have been recognized for providing excellent customer service, competitive deals, and for carrying the rarest   luxury and exotic cars.  At BOSS Exotics we offer first class service to all our customers.  BOSS Exotics caters to celebrities, professional athletes, royal families, local business owners and travelers across the globe all of whom are welcomed by experienced rental agents.  We offer exclusive high end  luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari,   Porsche, Mclaren, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Audi, Tesla, BMW and more!  Not only do we have our own inventory but we also utilize an extensive network of other dealers and private collectors alike which means we can always find the particular car you are looking for!  Boss Exotics is not just about your image, it is a lifestyle!