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2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible


This is the one!   This is a car that you only read about in magazines and is one of the rarest and best deals your ever going to find! Everyone knows if you're going for the most elite class of 911's then you have to go for the turbo cabriolet. What sets this one apart from the rest is the fact that this is the Turbo S edition. This is a limited production  and they are extremely rare. This was the completely redesigned 911 model series with tons of upgrades from the previous years edition along with a new style and look. Engineering cut no corners placing an all new 535HP Turbo S edition motor in it. It is about 40HP more then the regular turbo 911 and is the fastest 911 ever made to date. This car will beat any Lamborghini and Ferrari on the road launching from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds putting it in the class of times with the Aventador. Car and Driver and Motor Trend rank it as the 3rd fastest production car made behind the Bugatti and Aventador. Routine oil and fluid changes are all you will need to put into this car unlike most other exotics. This car makes a very comfortable daily driver as well! With only 10k miles not only is it in mint condition but it is the perfect color combo and is a blast to drive and comes with the following specifications: 

Original sticker price  $189,000  

0 - 60 MPH  = 2.9   seconds

Top Speed = Over 200    MPH

- Turbo S edition (40 more horsepower then regular turbo 911) 
- Convertible 

- PDK Transmission
- ONLY 10k miles 
- Launch control 
- 1 Owner 
- All service performed at Prestige Porsche with all service records 
- 3M clear bra (cost $1,500) 
- Black OEM wheels w New Tires 
- Black/Black leather color combo with rare cream 2 tone package 
- Navigation 

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